Please keep in mind that all artwork is handmade which means art may take while to produce.  Leyla Havok takes her time with every detail and puts thought in all her pieces.

You cannot rush art.... -The Cleaner from Toys Story 2  



Thank you everyone for the love and support you guys give me every single day.   You make it possible for artist like me to make this dream come a reality.

I've worked really hard for years to get this close to my dreams and I am proud to announce the love, the support and the complete devotion of every single Fuckin day to this project is finally being put into motion and the doors to this reality will open in 2018...  πŸŽƒ  Please  visit the Horror Land website and Go Follow Dark Realms on Instagram! 

Photo taken by Grovephotowarrior Aug 4th 2017 at Arts EXPO Center 

​Hello Goblins! I will be at the annual Downtown Mesa 2nd Friday! December 8th at 101 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201 ! Come one come all and support your local dope artists!!!!!

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Leyla Havok sells her art pieces at First Friday in downtown Phoenix on November 6, 2015. -(photograph by Alexandra Gaspar Phoenix News Times

Photo taken by Yvonne Sanchez Taylor (August 17, 2016)

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​Leyla Havok

freelance artist/ face painter/ sculptor